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Being one of the most recognized national brands, 14th Street Pizza Co. has been a pioneer in maintaining an extensive presence on various social & traditional platforms thereby catering to all hunger emergencies indeed.
Recently, the brand launched its one of a kind mobile application 'Panic Button', on the Android store, for its loyal customers. These are the customers who are regulars of 14th Street Pizza Co. and have ordered a given number of times. This is an amazing new initiative, which is both innovative & customer-centric.
The basic purpose of 'Panic Button; app is to let the customers feed their uninvited hunger emergencies almost instantly. All the customer needs to do is, download the app on his/her phone and simply press the 'panic button' each time a hunger emergency strikes. As soon as the customer presses the button on their phone, their order will be processed and delivered with only one confirmation call by 14th Street Pizza's representative. They can then either abide by their last placed order or modify it as per their needs.
In order to apprise the loyal customers of this mobile application, 14th Street Pizza Co. sent letters to each and every one of them, addressed personally to their names. Each letter had a QR code which served as a direct link to the mobile application. The letter was both - an appreciation of their loyalty towards the brand & a tool to let them know of the recently launched app.
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