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It took no small amount of courage for us to introduce the 20-inch hand tossed pizza in Pakistan for the very first time. A country where previously the only pizza offering was a simple deep pan pie, had now the privilege to experience the large floppy thin crust slice, smothered in cheese and sauces, and with ridiculously large toppings. This was a whole new level of food that's fast, portable, requiring no ceremony (or table manners) and as adaptable to the Pakistani taste buds as preferred. Even more enticing is the fact that we have also positioned ourselves as 'a complete food solutions company' by including starters, main course, drinks and desserts to our menu.

We give the most important benefit to our fans: the choice of being able TO CUSTOMIZE. Our homemade pizza sauces, which come in mild, hot and extra hot, are sure to tantalize those bored taste buds and the freshest of toppings and the finest of cheeses are sure to make one's pizza experience vastly long-lasting. The interesting thing about our pizza is its universality. However, it can be significantly localized and customized to a great extent and that plays well with all regional, cultural and demographic groups. Class is no barrier either because of the availability of various brands of pizza that are available in the local market. We, at 14th Street Pizza Co., understand these nuances of the expanding food delivery business and take pride in providing the incomparable and unquestionable service that our customers deserve.

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